40th Annual Indian Market

Thank you to all who joined us in 2016, we appreciate the support the community gives to the museum and helps the Auxiliary continue to offer this great event.

Thank you to our performers & Artists

Emcee James June, Gabriel Ayala, Aaron White and Shelley Morningsong

Featured Artist Gilmore Scott →

Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary acknowledges the generous contributions of our 40th Annual Indian Market Sponsors:

Indian Market Raffle Winners 2016

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Raffle Tickets! Prizes may be picked up at the Museum Gift Shop with your winning ticket.


Debra Smith

Marilyn Ray

M Wood


Cox (2)

John Nelson

Linda McCurry

Deb DeBrino (2)

Donald Newell

Erik Blackwolf (2)

Doane (2)

M Britton

Roin Levine

August Swick

AL (2)

D Nunan

Joann Scheiling

F Schlow

George Berry

Andy terry

Candace Kist

S Huish

Stephanie Wolz

Hansel (2)

Bob Nuss

Roberta Arthur

Don Appel

Regina Banett

Gayle Scot

Kay Nelson

Evan Yazzie

Lee Hall


Tina Tenorio



Vince Lyan

H Cordorva

Kathy Smith

Bill Sedar


L Somers



R Martinez

Galye Szot (2)

  1. Somers (3)

Joletha Alford

Ginny Sylvester

B Peterson

Sharon Howard

Helen Wahl

Amy Cunningham

F Sandoval

S Henschen (4)


S Lindsay

Phyllis Smith

Merle Wille


P Wenzel

Merlinda Miller

Andy Terrey

Paula Pfepsen (2)

George Berry

Bob Nuss

Deb DeBrino

Sylvia Little Yazzie

Tom Sabey

B Gometz

Linda McCunley

K Bellinger

Shari Bewsey

Lee Hall

Susan Rockwell

Joyce Smith

Jane Tellier

S Huish

Debra Smith

Dierdre Wallac

M Wood

F Schlow

Terry Brown

Lyle Ackman

New & Notable

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